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Category: Action

You have to navigate your way to the stars at the end of the levelthe right and left arrow keys are the walking depending on which way you want to gothe up arrow key is to jump
This is a game where you need to escape a building flooding fast with earth quakes and other obstacles blocking your way. This is a small part of big project I may do in the future [...]
Help the Space Shober bully Space Mankeys and find his friendsspace = shootup arrow = jumpright arrow = move rightleft arrow = move left
you have to find your way through the mazeyou use the up, right, left & down arrow to move
This is part 2 of the most epic arcade game ever! Now with new skins, a new texture and a new mode: Bossfight. The most hard but most epic gamemode ever!Use the Arrow key's to [...]
Endless runner game,which player must avoid enemies.Have Fun!Use the arrows UP and DOWN to control the hero,and avoid the enemies.
Smash the bricks is a clone of the classic Atari Breakout game. Students from Newman Senior High School built this game and every level is from a different student!Click the mouse [...]
You will score with shooting the swords to kill monsters, avoid them for keeping safe at the same time. The sword can make a repeating bounce between both side of up and down. And [...]
You travel through a different space! You appear in a house you did not know suddenly. Something strange is happening because you do not see anyone here. Actually some dangerous cr [...]
This is a minecraft map as a fun arena for tough PvP battles. Some weapons and supplies show randomly in the map. Players need to find the box or kill any other player to win. Winn [...]