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Category: Adventure

Survival Horror Platformer Game, interact with objects, shoot some f*%@!!! creatures and help the hero find what he is looking for!Thank you for playing, any feedback is welcome!If [...]
Jogo de plataformas e de parkour, captura de moedas e destruir todos os monstros.Setas para mover o herói, tem salto duplo quando clicamos para cima duas vezes.
A simple and easy adventure game. This is my first full game. The drawings were made by my 6 yo son. I hope you enjoy it.Arrows, Z for shooting, X for jumping and C for special pow [...]
A game made for a home work. This is a monster submerged in the ocean, trying to escape the evil fishes. Help acid man saving his life!Space bar = Shoot.Use the keyboard arrows to [...]
A quick game I made for a class in schoolup arrow-jumpleft arrow-leftright arrow-right
Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Berenice, use os botões direcionais do teclado e mova Berenice pelos 7 mares comendo pontos!Use as setas do teclado para mover Berini [...]
Learn how wonderful it is to be a programmer (kinda).Left and right arrow keys to move.Up arrow to jump.
Só passa as fases e ganhe, não repare q é meu primeiro jogo :DUse as setas do teclado para mover-se, Pegue as moedas, E ganhe com a Bandeira
Explore the Castle of the Adenocarcinoma, find the secret areas and get the booty.With over 40 dungeons full of enemies, this is not a procedural level creation game, each level is [...]
The story focuses on Leon, a prince who lives in a castle with his princess, but one night the knight of the shadows, kidnaps the princess and Leon has to find a way to rescue her [...]