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Category: Strategy

Dungeon-style/Boss Blitz type game. Very detailed (artwork) and very difficult!Normal Ending Tutorial:Play though game normally. Go through center door in 3rd level.Secret Ending T [...]
Versão do jogo onde eu consertei alguns bugs, aproveitem!W para pularD para ir a direitaA para ir a esquerda
This game is newly developed for the fans of falling game lovers. The players can enjoy this game in their spare time, and then it pops up. During the process, the player can exerc [...]
Hand Spinner IO 3D is a superb game about the fidget spinner! The player needs to use the mouse to control the spinner and try to eliminate other players by knocking out their spin [...]
4 Games Mix is a computer game in which a variety of things happen. What happens is influenced by your inputs (i.e., when you push buttons on your computer). As you progress throug [...]
A Strategy-Game, that puts you in the position of a Lord, which has to build & defend his castle and manage to defeat his enemy.Easily left-click on something in the field to s [...]
Trade, mine and battle your way through space. Complete missions, mine minerals from asteroids, upgrade your ship and crew and defeat the enemy faction. Supply your crew with food, [...]
It is parkour and it is really crazy in some minds. The game is like 3d platformer but different and with a snapchat background.Arrow keys to move and space to shoot.
(Update)Item crafting added!You can now build a base!Zombie hordes added!Protection from damage!Added a new time sistem (The old one was changed)Use the left mouse button. You don& [...]
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