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You have to navigate your way to the stars at the end of the levelthe right and left arrow keys are the walking depending on which way you want to gothe up arrow key is to jump
This is a game where you need to escape a building flooding fast with earth quakes and other obstacles blocking your way. This is a small part of big project I may do in the future [...]
Press Z and Have Fun Shek WessingShek Wes 10 times to unlock achievements Wait 420 seconds for untrue ending Wait 1000 seconds for true ending Wait 2000 for stamp of approvalWait 3 [...]
You must collect all 3 points to go through the next level.W - Jump A - LeftD - RightS - InteractM - Mute or un-mute sound
Adventure Platform Game of AliensBuy this Game Template on Codecanyon!KEYBOARD [...]
First Game I tried making with some understanding of constructs capabilities. A Platform Fighter starring my old prototype characters from way back when. catch is there are no basi [...]
Help the Space Shober bully Space Mankeys and find his friendsspace = shootup arrow = jumpright arrow = move rightleft arrow = move left
you have to find your way through the mazeyou use the up, right, left & down arrow to move
Dungeon-style/Boss Blitz type game. Very detailed (artwork) and very difficult!Normal Ending Tutorial:Play though game normally. Go through center door in 3rd level.Secret Ending T [...]
Aprender Geo Argentina - Es para un proyecto web de aprendizaje. Se vinculara con la pagina web donde se complementará lo aprendido.Aprender Geo Argentina - Es para un proyect [...]